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    (2)Sanchuan Hei Longjiang-Taiwan seminar of water supply and saving

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    1.Water companies are all particularly interested in New Century Energy-efficient Co., Ltd, because electricity expense is a large part of costs. And nation currently sets the energy efficiency target for enterprises and government departments. The energy efficient renovation of old pump station not only saves the costs of water supply company but also helps them achieve the energy efficiency target. The cooperation model of Energy Performance Contracting greatly attracts water supply companies. Lan Yuguo, general manager of Kedong county, surely says if electricity saving can reach 10~15% by using Sanchuan pump, this energy efficiency project will have huge market in Hei Longjiang. He would like Kedong county be pilot project of Sanchuan energy efficiency and promote the Sanchuan project. Zhangbo, general manager of water supply company of Lindian county, speaks that energy project of their tap water pump station is listed one of items, which will be done by 2013, by county government. The present pump station has been used for 13 years. So high failure rate and low efficiency cause extra electricity consumption. Four pumps with 55kw power are installed, two for use and two for standby. Electricity expense costs 1 million Yuan per year. Pumps previously output 35 meters lift and water can be transported to the 7th floor, but now only 5th floor. He wants the ability of water supply improved and costs lowered through energy efficiency renovation. At present, other energy efficiency company have contacted with him. But as a long-term partner, he wishes Sanchuan could bring up a modification scheme of energy efficiency as soon as possible.

    2.Marketing promotion of non-suction water supply equipment abundantly harvests: Huang Yongqi, general manager of water supply company of Bayan county, expresses that he tends to expand the cooperation with Sanchuan non-suction water supply equipment. Li Zhenguo, general manager of water supply company of Zhaozhou county, has confirmed the Sanchuan brand on drawings about real estate new project of the county. The cooperation will begin this year.

    3.Stainless steel water meter arouses interest of Taiwan water association and water supply companies. During the seminar, Jian jiongdong, director of Taiwan water association, and his members provides great support and help. Cross-strait water supply companies exchange presents. By communication, it is learned that water meter types in Taiwan are relatively simple. After seeing Sanchuan serial products, they have keen interest in Sanchuan Stainless steel water meter. They don’t think the price of Stainless steel water meter is expensive, so it will have potential market in Taiwan, which is a big boost for Sanchuan Group to expand Taiwan market.

    After meeting, attendees have dinner at banquet hall of Dongsen Mountain Villa and further exchange. The seminar comprehensively promotes three types of products of Sanchuan Group, which deepens cross-strait water companies’s understanding of Sanchuan new products and expands Sanchuan popularity. Meanwhile, communication of cross-strait water companies is facilitated.