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    Today’s Plow, Tomorrow’s Prosperity (3)

    FROM: 本站整理 2013-03-26 hit:

    People always say: Gold will glitter! Yes, ordinary people can create brilliant life in his position, only with down-to-earth、respecting his work、hard-working、dedicated and responsible working attitude, with passion of doing his best to the daily job.  Wu Xuesong, the representative of model worker, powerfully spoke for Sanchuan employees who devoted their youth and sweat to development of company by silently hard working. He took every bid opportunity of national reform of rural water supply and struggled to won many big bids by powerfully promoting and occupying market. Wu was outstanding in not only sales work with quick capital recovery, but also VIP customer cultivation. Despite his terminally ill father, the model still fought in the front line of sales. Zhou Hailin, expert sales manager, is in charge of Nanjing office of Jiangsu. These moving deeds、proud performance and wonderful speech made people feel the hard work and persistent pursuit of salesmen in the field.


    The meeting was held in the atmosphere of compactness and order、seriousness and vividness, which was uplifting and encouraging. Through the meeting, all staff was greatly inspired and felt kind concerns from company, which strengthened their confidence in future development of Sanchuan. A new year opens new hopes. Sanchuan group will set sail after plowing through wind and waves in 2013. Hopeful 2013 waves to us, expecting more sweat and fruits!


    Bless Sanchuan thriving and our great motherland prosperous!