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    Strategic cooperation with Metallurgical Institute

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    Strategic cooperation signing ceremony of Yingtan New Century Energy-efficiency Service Co., Ltd(hereinafter, New Century Energy-efficiency), affiliated with Sanchuan Group, and China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute(hereinafter, Metallurgical Institute) is held at the institute on shining March.12. Li Jianlin, chairman of Sanchuan Group, Hu Fengyun, chairman of New Century Energy-efficiency, Xu Lingsong, general manager of New Century Energy-efficiency and Li Xinchuang, president of Metallurgical Institute, attend the ceremony. The signing marks the cooperation in new energy, new material, energy efficiency and environment friendly field. The institute hopes both do further communication, constantly expand cooperation field, boost cooperation level and promote mutual benefits, achieving win-win situation in energy efficiency and environment friendly aspect of metallurgical industry. Sanchuan Group says Metallurgical Institute has excellent experience in many fields such as corporate government, management improvement, industry planning,etc, which is worth studying. Bilateral communication will be strengthened to constantly deepen cooperation. According to the agreement, two parties will establish long-term and steady strategic partnership of cooperation, based on leading position and business complement in respective fields.


    Before signing, leaders friendly talk. Li Jianlin is first grateful for confidence and support from Metallurgical Institute. Then he greatly admires policy theories and planning practical experience of Metallurgical Institute. Director Li, fully affirms New Century Energy Efficiency’s efforts and contribution in popularizing and marketing energy efficiency technology of water system. He is happy to establish sound cooperative relations and brotherly feelings, which will be hopefully deepened and consolidated in subsequent cooperation. General Xu says, under the framework of bilateral strategic cooperation, New Century Energy Efficiency will give full play to its advantages in technology and project management. By doing better in on-going technological renovation and running、upcoming project, economic and social benefits will be maximally created.


    New Century Energy Efficiency, using advanced model of Energy Performance Contracting, by strong technical force and brilliant scientific & technological achievements, basing user’s production process,focusing on energy efficiency of circulating water system, customizes energy efficiency plan satisfying actual requirements. The signing of framework agreement means bring the energy efficiency cause in a new spring.

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