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(1)Sanchuan Hei Longjiang-Taiwan seminar of water supply and saving

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March, the spring season, ushers the warm opening of Sanchuan Group Hei Longjiang-Taiwan seminar of water supply and saving. The meeting was held at Dongsen Mountain Villa in Yangmei, Taiwan on March 13.  Luo Anbao, a director of Sanchuan Group, leading Peng Fuyu, section chief, and Peng Bo, an engineer, warmly welcomes 37 attendees from Hei Longjiang water company and 16 counterparts from Tainwan.

The meeting aims to promote the new products of water meter、non-suction water supply equipment and New Century Energy-efficient Co., Ltd. By vigorous discussion and expression, water companies have a further understanding of Sanchuan. Lan Yuguo, general manager of water supply company of Kedong county, shares the feeling and benefits during using Sanchuan smart water meter. Li Yingzhou, general manager of water supply company of Qingan county, introduces support and help from Sanchuan during One house One meter renovation project of Qingan county. Huang Yongqi, general manager of water supply company of Bayan county, talks that Sanchuan non-suction water supply equipment resolves the problem of insufficient water supply pressure. This seminar has a wonderful promotion and communication effect, demonstrating in the following 3 aspects: