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    Today’s Plow, Tomorrow’s Prosperity (2)

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    About 9:20 a.m., Group chairman Li Jianlin delivered the report of Sanchuan Group 2012 Work Summary and 2013 Work Mobilization. The report tightly centered following 4 respects to state: What’s the most important performance of 2012 Sanchuan Group?  the most prominent change? the most moving deed? the most profound inspiration?  Performance achieved in 2012 is inspiring, but the existing questions are warning.  The report of Chairman Li is objective and profound. 2012 was an unusual year. Leaders of Sanchuan actively dealt with the influence of industrial regulation and international economic crisis, timely adjusted and determined developing direction, overcame difficulties, and various work achieved better performance. Group maintains strong growth momentum, and Sanchuan Share becomes the NO.1 in the industry. By products structure adjustment, high-rise water supply and energy efficiency will be a shining point in future development of Sanchuan pump. Sanchuan copper also actively works out the development strategies. Due to efficiently controlling the industrial risk by decisive treatment, Sanchuan property will enter period of return on investment in 2013. Whole Group will be in a benign development track. Chairman did detailed arrangements and plans of 2013, basing on work summary of 2013. The work report made everyone attended feel a sense of pride、duty and mission as a Sanchuan employee.


    To encourage advanced worker, promoting work to a new level in the new year, leaders commended advanced individual and collectives for their outstanding work in the past year. The most exciting moment was prize-giving for advanced model workers. They stepped on the stage, wearing ribbons and flowers, and received honor certificate. When they took photoes with leaders, faces were full of happy smiles.