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Today’s Plow, Tomorrow’s Prosperity (1)

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Group held 2012 summaryand commendation meeting (2013 mobilization meeting)

Today’s Plow, Tomorrow’s Prosperity------Looking back the work of 2012 Sanchuan


Wintersweet blossoms. The winter will end and spring will come. On the day of ringing out the old year and ringing in the New Year, Jiangxi Sanchuan Group grandly held 2012 summary and commendation meeting at meeting hall on 3F of Huaqiao Hotel at 8:30 on Feb.8. Over 800 employees attended the meeting. Sanchuan leaders and employees merrily gathered together, summarizing work of 2012 and determining the development ideas of 2013, outlooking a good future.

Unlike the former years, to improve the atmosphere, Group made adjustments and wisely arranged wonderful shows before meeting. The meeting started with a warm、beautiful and kind dance Good Luck to You.Red lanterns symbolize prosperity, also fill sincere blessings and deep humanistic care from Group leaders, and carry more hopes and dreams of Sanchuan staff. Dynamic Gangnam Style shows Sanchuan staff’s passion and energy; Harmonious China dances the theme of society, and uncovers enterprise mission of harmoniously developing green Sanchuan.