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    “Sanchuan” excellent works announced

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    On the evening of Dec 26, 2012, “Sanchuan” excellent works award party was held. The party was jointly hosted by Yingtan Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department、Yingtan Municipal bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, TV, Press and Publication、Yingtan Municipal Literature and Arts Association、Yingtan Daily、Yingtan Broadcasting and TV station、“Yingtan Online” news network. Zhou Shimin, member of standing committee of the CPC Yingtan municipal committee and minister of Publicity Department, Lu Yueming, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Municipal People’s Congress, Gu Qing, deputy mayor, Wu Ximei, deputy president of Municipal Political Consultative Conference, Rao Kaidong, director of political department of Yingtan military region and Li Jianlin, the president of Sanchuan Group attended the show and gave awards.


    It is learned that, in order to better promote and build brand-new Yingtan’s image, city spirit 、city emblem and city anthem collection activity was nationally carried out since Jul 26,2013. Since the activity started, all sectors of society positively respond. Besides natives, authors from other 10 provinces(cities) contributing by email、telephone、letter and other means. According to statistics, collection office received 3231 works of city spirit in total. To sort out the best among the good, collection office invited relative experts and native celebrities of literary and arts circles to seriously appraise and select 16 excellent works.


    The party opened with song and dance of “Earth Eagle”. Female solo、children’s dance、poem recitation、electric violin ensemble and other splendid performance won warm applause. Native singer Chen Jing and Yang Jian sung “I am going to fly”. The song is one of five excellent works selected from the 48 contributed songs. After show, city leaders attended party shook hands with performers expressing thanks, and took pictures together.