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one in trouble, all to help—recording charitable donaotion of Sanchuan group.

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“one in trouble, all to help”.Party committee of Sanchuan group、Sanchuan trade union and Sanchuan share initiate the proposal of charitable donations for comrade Zhenhui Huang immediately When informed the news of comrade Zhenhui Huang was serious wounded and still being treated in hospital. Sanchuan people actively reponsed the activity and lent a help hand. So far,contributions sums to RMB 95707. all of donations fund will be used for his illness treating.

Comrade Zhenhui Huang is one of the technicians in the technical centre of Sanchuan and being named as ‘Outstanding Communist Party Member’ of Sanchuan in July 2011. And was in the hosptial due to falling injury recently.
				Disease is ruthless,love is immense. The activity of charitable donations has embodied the great sentiment of  
Sanchuan staff and showed the traditional virtue of ‘one in trouble, all to help’. 
if everyone can contribute a piece of love, the world will become a paradise

The world is warm because of love. In this, we sincerely wish Zhihui Huang get well soon and return to work!